What is Dressmate?
Dressmate, Inc is a peer-to-peer clothing rental marketplace. Our web application connects women who are interested in renting other women’s clothes (“Renters”) with women who have clothes to rent out (“Owners”). We ensure accountability in the rental process, by making sure that Owners receive their articles of clothing back in good condition. We are currently exclusively available on college campuses. 

We aim to solve the problem of women who want access to more clothes without having to overspend or resort to fast fashion. We believe in freeing shopping from waste and were founded on the principle that everyone deserves access to high-quality clothing.

How do I get started?
As long as you attend one of the schools we’ve launched at, it’ll take less than a minute to create your profile. You’ll have access to everyone’s closets on your campus. Upload your clothes to share and make some extra cash. 

What is the cost of using Dressmate?
There’s no cost to sign up. 3- and 6-day rentals start at $5. You choose the rental price when you upload an item and when the item is rented, you keep 75% of what you make. We take a 25% commission on each transaction to keep Dressmate running smoothly. 

How can I trust renting on Dressmate?
All members go to your school and have been verified with their .edu email. After each transaction, you will rate the other member and they will rate you. If anyone receives more than one 1-star rating, their account may be suspended. If you have any issues, send us an email at team@dressmate.com.

What kind of articles can I rent out?
We suggest articles than fall under the categories of “business” and “pleasure”, meaning we prefer professional clothes and going-out clothes. These are just suggestions. If you have some unique article of clothing, go for it!

What kind of pictures should I upload?
Check out other profiles to get an idea of what pictures to upload. If the item is still in stores, downloading pictures from their website is an easy and fast choice. If you have pictures of you wearing the item, then other users can see what the article looks like on a person. Taking pictures of yourself in the item against a solid background is another great option. You can take pictures on a hanger, but be aware that that doesn’t give other users the best representation of the item. 

When do I have to return my item by?
Within 3 or 6 days, depending on how long you requested the item.

How do I get the app?
We’re working on our app as you read this. We will let you know when our iOS and android app is available! For now, head to rent.dressmate.com to use our services.

Where do we meetup? 
Pick a spot on campus that is a convenient location for the two of you. 

What should I do during our meetup?  
Exchange your article and then make sure to click the link emailed to you that the exchange happened. 

Can I share and borrow from anywhere? 
We’re only available at select college campuses at the moment. You have to sign up with your .edu email so we know what campus to place you in, 

Someone damaged my item or someone never returned my item. What do I do?
Try to work it out with them! We believe in the decency of our members and depend on your mutual cooperation, but if they’re not respecting you and/or your article(s), email us at team@dressmate.com. We’ll charge them and/or compensate you for the full retail cost of the item.

I damaged a borrowed item. What do I do?
Let us know at team@dressmate.com. If it’s a minor rip, stain, or the like, the most we will charge you is $5 to cover the cost of dry cleaning or fixing the item. If it’s a major damage, you can either work it out with the owner. If that’s not possible, we will charge you the full retail price of the item and return that to the owner. 

I can’t return my article on time. What’s going to happen? 
You’ll be charged $5/day until the 2 week mark, at which point we consider the article stolen and you'll be charged the full retail cost of the item.

How do I use my Dressmate earnings to rent another item?
We make it super easy for you. Once a transaction is complete, you’ll see your credits in your Balance. To use your earnings, request to borrow an article and your earnings will automatically be used once the transaction is processed.