Rent clothes from other students on your campus


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“I was wearing this top when I met my boyfriend so it’s lucky.”

Ashley, 19, Pratt University

Opening Ceremony White Top


“I wear this blazer every time I have an interview. It’s never failed me.”

Mari, 25, George Washington University

Zara Grey Blazer


“I stole this from my mom’s closet. It’s from the 80’s.”

Hannah, 21, Georgetown University

Vintage Pink Tank


“I bought this set while me and my family were on vacation. It kept me cool in Hawaii, and it keeps me cool here!”

Jessica, 18, Pomona College

Orange Crop Top & Skirt


“What if you could rent out and share your clothes to your peers on a college campus? This is the service Dressmate provides to women in colleges across the nation.” — Kulture Hub


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