Dressmate is a platform for college students to rent out clothing to one another. Founded in 2016, Dressmate was born out of the belief that students deserve affordable, high quality clothing, and that magic is created when they come together. We're launching at your campus soon.

Search for clothes available on your campus. Meet up at your convenience.

Smile, you look great. Make sure to return your outfit within three days to avoid late fees.

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Loved how easy it was? Rent again, and try renting out. Some extra pizza money never hurt anyone.


Style First. Cost Second.

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We are launching at Georgetown early next year! Come hang out with us or shoot us an email.

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We are just like you: college students trying our best. Join #teamdressmate and apply to be a campus rep.

We are launching our online shop soon! Everything was designed with you and the environment in mind.

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